Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tempaper Designs

I mentioned here that I bought my first wallpaper from One Kings Lane before the holidays. It's by Tempaper. Tori Spelling used tempaper in her son's nursery. I love the turquoise and gold pattern of the paper and I love how she used bold color choices in the furniture. Check out her son's room below:

Honey Jade Marrakesh

As you can see Tori used the temp paper in the entire room and it looks great! However, I would probably use it in a bathroom or on a focal wall. I'm not sure I could handle that pattern in an entire room. But, I'm sure she has the resources to change it in a few years where I would have to keep it for a while and get my money's worth!

I love the concept of Tempaper in that it is such an easy process to adhere to the walls. You literally peel the paper and stick it on the walls and it can easily be removed (no scraping involved). You can watch a video here. They have a great selection of papers, too. Here are my favorites:

Zee in Teal
Damsel in Coral
Honeycomb in Citron
I was initially going to hang mine on one wall in our downstairs hallway. However, I underestimated the size (I'm guessing I didn't measure) and it looks like I could have enough to do the entire hallway unless I choose to do it on a different wall in another room. Decisions, decisions. I'm hoping to make one soon!

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