Thursday, January 10, 2013


You know Ellie's first dresser that we just moved into the nursery? Well, I realized it was just too much for the room. We already have the built-in closet system plus another roomy closet and the dresser seemed too big as I envisioned the crib and glider in there, as well. So, I posted it on Craigslist two days ago and already that night I had interest. I posted it for $250 and when a guy emailed asking it for $200 and said he could pick it up on Wednesday I agreed. I wanted it out and the sooner, the better.

To refresh your memory, I bought this dresser on Craiglist before Ellie was born (winter, 2011):

Painted it white and lined the drawers with paper (see project here):

I bought the dresser and a small chest for $30 total, primed and painted it white (approx $30), and lined the drawers ($20). So, two years later, I made a profit of $120. I will have to buy a smaller dresser or a changing table (decisions!) to use as a changing table. I'll be searching online and consignment shops for the perfect piece, again!

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