Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bits of Our Week

This past weekend Nick and I had a wedding to attend. I borrowed two dresses- one was long and non-maternity and the other was short and maternity. I really liked both, but I felt that the long dress would have been better in warmer weather with flats or wedges. It was fun to get dressed up and even more fun to dress up my bump! I wore high heels and even danced a bit. It was a fun night out. Here is a picture (Instagram):

I wish I had gotten a good picture of the two of us with my camera and not my iPhone! Here is one my hubby took when we got home. I was exhausted and even undid the straps on my heels:

Last weekend we had an Easter photo shoot for Ellie with bunnies. It was too cute!! Here is one of my favorites (via Instagram). I can't wait to receive the pictures!!

We went to an Easter egg hunt this past weekend with some of her play group friends. It was a fun morning!

Last Friday Ellie told me she was going potty all by herself, and she did! I was a proud Mommy so we went to Starbucks for a special treat! Coffee for me and a piece of brownie for her:

The next 4+ weeks are going to be so busy with prepping for baby, but I want to savor these weeks will Ellie, as well. Although, I'm super excited to meet our second daughter I am also a bit sad that Ellie will no longer be the only child. Ellie already brings me so much joy and happiness and love and I can't imagine having that with another, too! I already love this one so much, but I know my heart will make room for even more love- something I didn't even know could be possible.

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