Thursday, March 21, 2013

New Feature Wall

We finally hung the tempaper (mentioned here and here) and I am in love! I attempted to hang it myself with my husband's help, but it was a disaster. I was able to smooth it out well (using my palm) so there were no air bubbles, but the paper wasn't sticking evenly to the side of the wall, which was so frustrating!! It's a narrow wall and I didn't have much elbow room plus the wall isn't square. So we hired our handyman (he did our house and playroom painting) so it was a little bit of an additional cost, but well worth it. It looks amazing. I was initially going to hang frames vertically or a mirror, but I really like it the way it is so we'll see in the future. I love the metallic diamond pattern. Here is our new feature wall in our downstairs hallway:

Our next project is to replace this light fixture with our newly spray painted chandelier:

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