Friday, April 26, 2013

Nursery Dresser DIY Project

I love the outcome of the dresser makeover! I'm so glad I chose the white and a semi-gloss white. The gloss gives it shine and looks great against the hot pink walls.
I love baby clothes! Most of these were Ellie's and I'm so happy I get to use them again!

Knobs: Home Goods

Supplies: I used the roller for the majority of the painting and the brush for corners and hard to reach places. I then used the small paintbrush (Ellie's actually) to get inside the crevices.

Paint: (Benjamin Moore) Primer in White and Interior Water-Based White Paint in a Semi-Gloss Finish

Project Info:
Dresser: Craigslist, $50
Knobs: Home Goods, three 4-packs, $8 each (I saved myself money by using a gift card)
Paint and Supplies: Benjamin Moore, $50
Total: $124
A great deal for a dresser made of real wood (not laminate)!

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