Sunday, April 28, 2013

Today is my due date!

My 40 week pregnancy photo:

We are so excited to meet our second baby girl. Our lives were forever changed when Ellie came into our lives. We can't believe we are lucky enough to have another girl and give Ellie a sister and a best friend. We have been preparing Ellie for her sister for a while now. We read "Ellie is a Big Sister" quite often at naps and bedtime. Yes, the main character's name is "Ellie" so it's perfect! We have been talking about helping and sharing with her sister and Ellie loves lifting my shirt to say "hi" and give hugs and kisses to my belly. This melts my heart! It's the sweetest thing ever. She will also put her hand on my belly, wait for a moment, then say, "kick!" The other night she was definitely startled when she rested her cheek on my belly and her sister kicked. She looked up at me with a smile, but surprised look, too. I know Ellie will be an amazing big sister, as she is an amazing daughter. Hurry up baby girl- we all cannot wait to meet you!

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