Friday, April 19, 2013

House Updates

Back in January I posted about our planned house projects. Here is an updated project list:
  • Update light fixtures (great room, dining room, downstairs hallway, stairway, and baby #2's room). That's a lot of new lights. I'm hoping to sell the old ones on Craigslist.
  • Replace kitchen faucet
  • Update vanity in upstairs bathroom and replace medicine cabinet
  • Create gallery wall in great room
  • Add frames along stairwell
  • Wallpaper downstairs hallway (feature wall)
  • Add art to great room (I have a few options I will share)
  • Buy new furniture for the living room (since we sold our couch)
  • I'd really love a painting project! I just have to decide on the room. I'm thinking either the downstairs bathroom, hallway, or living room. I feel like I need some color on our walls downstairs.
  • Finish playroom! I cannot wait to cross this one off my list. 
    • We just need to put in the flooring, then I can move the furniture in the room and add storage for all of her toys that have taken over our great room.
    • Add wall art
    • We have one blank wall in the room adjacent to the playroom (her art room). I was initially going to wallpaper this wall, but it was going to be a lot more money than anticipated for such a small wall. Instead, I'd like to stencil it or add a wall decal
    • Organize all of the art and craft supplies for this space and add storage
  • Re-organize the office space (75% completed)
    • I will be spending a lot more time in here so I'd like to some pretty wall hangings (the Etsy gift card I got for Christmas will be used)
    • Add curtains
  • And, most importantly, complete the new nursery!
    • Figure out the closets- what stays and what goes. Paint the inside of the closet?
    • Furniture placement
    • Curtains for my closet
    • Wall art
Updates (April):
  • We finished the playroom- finally. A space Ellie loves playing in and doing arts and crafts. We love it down there, too. Pictures coming soon!
  • The office is almost finished. We added curtains and moved one of our Ikea dressers from my dressing room to the office for added storage. I still want to add a few more pictures, but I'm in no rush. So, for the most part the office is complete!
  • We've been shopping for a new couch, but haven't found anything we love. I was really hoping to find a light blue or charcoal color couch. The ones I like only come in the basic brown and tan. We'll keep looking...
  • I've slowly been adding new framed pictures to our walls. I recently did this wall collage in our kitchen using the free "Home" printable I found via Pinterest and Ellie's artwork. I love the color it adds to our walls. True masterpieces!
  • I ordered this print (called "Brittle Stars") that I found on Imagekind. The frame is Ikea and I love that Ikea extended their frame color selection to charcoal gray. I placed it on the wall in our great room between our gas fireplace and bay window. I wanted a bigger sized print and this is the perfect scale.

  • I had a coupon for and used it on this colorful 24x18 print. I'm thinking of putting it either in our bedroom, but first I have to find a frame.
  • I plan to add pictures along our upstairs stairwell after the baby comes and I can fill more frames.
Unfortunately, the nursery has been pushed to the end of the list! I previously mentioned I bought this Ikea crib; however, when we tried out Ellie's mattress there was about 2" of room in the crib. Very frustrating, especially because the crib stated it fit the standard mattress. Ikea provided us with great customer service and we were able to return the crib for a full refund. Since the baby will be sleeping in our room for the first few months the crib is not a priority. We have set up the pack n play, swings, etc. We are picking up the paint for the dresser tomorrow and painting this week. More details to follow! And, let's hope I don't go into labor before this dresser is painted! :)

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