Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My Shopping Partner

This morning I had to do a few errands at the mall so I brought Ellie along. When we first pulled into the parking lot Ellie exclaimed, "mall, yay, fun!" I didn't bring her stroller knowing she wouldn't sit in it for too long. We had a fun two hours! I got done what I needed to and she was the perfect shopping partner. We had fun in each store and even ran through the mall holding hands. We threw pennies in the fountain and rode the carousel. She picked a horse and wanted to hold on her "self" and added in the "neigh!" It was too cute. While in Lucky she told me she had to "pee pee." Knowing the store across the way had a bathroom we went in there and she went on the big girl potty! Another milestone! Obviously I was not going to carry her potty around the mall. I was so proud of her. It is so freeing to be able to go do things without worrying about whether I can bring her potty with us. While passing a shoe store she exclaimed, "in there! Shoes!" Daddy is in trouble!

It really was a fun morning. I love how excited she is when we do something she enjoys and she gives me a big smile, or better yet a "hug." I am lucky that she is so lovable and I savor it. I probably tell her I love her a million times a day and I now get it back with, "wuv you!"

Here are a few pictures:

Ellie, 23 months

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