Friday, November 8, 2013

Five on Friday

First, I'm very excited to announce that I am working on a new blog design. It should be up and running in another week or so!

1) My baby girl turned 6 months this week! She is sitting up all by herself now (without falling over) and for the past couple weeks she has been scooting backwards when on her tummy! I put her on her tummy in the playroom recently and gave her a book to look at while I went to the bathroom. I came back and she was halfway across the room! Too funny. A little frightening too since she is also pushing up on her arms I'm wondering if she will be crawling soon...I'm in no rush for that to happen. She loves playing with her toys, swinging at the playground, and eating her teethers. She's been drooling a little lately so I'm assuming she is teething. She still gets up to nurse about 4 times, but goes to sleep at 7 and wakes around 8. Sometimes when she wakes up I kiss her softly back to sleep. That melts my heart. But, she only wants me at night and she still doesn't take a bottle. I've been trying to get her used to drinking breast milk from a sippy cup. She weighs 14 lbs and measures about 24". Here are a couple pictures from her 6 month photo shoot:
2) I'm working on a wall gallery in our office. I have to pick up a few more white frames from Ikea and print updated pictures. Ellie also colored me a couple pictures for the wall.
3) Trader Joe's recently stocked my favorite coffee in k-cups. A box includes 7 fresh k-cups for only $3. This is perfect for mornings when I don't have time to make a pot of coffee.
4) This weekend we are hanging the Roman shades and this new light fixture in Summer's nursery. I've had my eye on this one forever and can't wait to see it in her room.
5) Wednesday this week was a fun and a very good day. We had music this morning and Summer can now participate when we're sitting instead of standing. This way I can see her reaction. She is loving music. I've gotten a lot of inquiries about this class. I definitely recommend it. Here is the website and you can register online, too. It's also in different parts of the country. I love the location of the class. It's in one of my favorite parts of the city. Lots of shopping, restaurants, and things for kids. Today after I got a coffee at Starbucks we walked down the Avenue to the playground. I was starving and had planned to go to the Farmer's Market to grab something to eat. That's when I discovered a new place, Green Soul. It is tucked behind the Avenue and I never would have known it was there otherwise. So we ate there instead and it was delicious. I ordered the black bean veggie burger for Ellie and I to share and it was huge. I couldn't even finish it. I also ordered a cup of their "green juice" with kale, spinach, green apple and lime. It was amazing. Ellie drank most of it. We spent the next hour at the playground and Ellie and I had a lot of fun playing while Summer napped in the stroller. She was tired from the swing!
Today is my niece's 6th birthday. I can't believe she is 6. I remember the day she was born. She was the first baby in our family. She is also my goddaughter and she is such a great friend and older cousin to Ellie and Summer. I love you, M! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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