Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Recap!

I feel like we've been celebrating Halloween for weeks now with lots of festivities. Tuesday afternoon we carved the pumpkin and did this:
When I told Ellie we were carving leg holes for Summer, she replied, "No, Summer no go in the kumpkin!" She did not like that idea. So, I told her we would just carve it (no reason to get her all worked up over it even though I was still planning on doing it). A few minutes later Ellie wasn't giving up. "No, Summer go in kumpkin! Yucky!" Well, I did get some pictures and they are so adorable. So glad I did this. Ellie did enjoy helping carve the pumpkin after Summer got out:
Yesterday afternoon I dressed the girls in their costumes and took a few good pictures knowing Ellie would be too excited to pose for the camera during trick or treating. I also created this card using Red Stamp recommended by my friend who had texted one to me earlier that morning. It was the perfect idea. I love that you can do it on your phone or the computer and you can print, email, or upload it to Facebook.

We were the first one our block to trick or treat (it was still light outside) since the girls go to bed around 6:30. My parents and in-laws stopped over to see the girls in costume and they came trick or treating with us, as well. It was a fun time! Ellie knocked on each door and said, "trick or treat" and "thank you" after picking out not one piece of candy, but two- one for Summer, of course. It was drizzling and Ellie insisted on carrying her umbrella and her ears kept falling off. Such a cute Minnie Mouse costume! And, I loved Summer's strawberry costume. She seemed to like it, too. I'm sure it was cozy.
I couldn't get a picture with Ellie- she was too busy going to the next house. The long-sleeve shirt Summer is wearing actually says, "sweet" on the front. I was just looking in her drawer for a long sleeve and I liked the ruffles on the sleeve. Here is a picture as we were getting ready for bed:

The girls are so sweet together, still. I love how they are looking at each other and are so happy. I can't believe this is Ellie's third Halloween already and Summer's first. It was definitely one to remember.

Halloween 2013

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