Monday, November 4, 2013

Weekend Purchases & November Instagram Challenge

My husband was away for work so it was just the girls and I most of the weekend. He didn't leave until Saturday afternoon so I actually slept in till 10:00 on Saturday! He came and got Summer around 8:00 so I got two hours of uninterrupted sleep. I needed it, but Summer didn't sleep well again Saturday night. I feel like she is teething and I have heard that babies can teethe without getting teeth for a while. No fun for mommies or babies! At least I got an extra hour in bed Sunday morning.

I bought my first Christmas item of the season. These two glitter white tree candles (Home Goods, $6 each). I thought they would look pretty on the decorated mantle.
I also bought these adorable leg warmers for Summer by Mud Pie for only $4. They are selling on Amazon here. Very festive and I love the ruffle.
I picked up these two wall sconces from a garage sale on Saturday for just $5 total. I have been looking for a while now for the window above Summer's dresser. These are perfect, especially since they were so cheap. I'm thinking I may paint them aqua to match her glider or a glossy white.
Ellie has lost a few bows so I went to my favorite children's store, Hatch, to buy a few more. She needed a new navy one and I wanted solid purple. I liked the tan one, especially for fall and the silver glitter one will be perfect for the holidays. They are by the only brand I buy for bows (Wee Ones) because they stay in her hair.
I was looking online for a November Instagram Challenge after seeing a few "thankful" posts. Although I do have a ton to be thankful for, I wanted something more creative. I found the perfect challenge on Michaela Noelle's blog and posted the first three last night. It is called the "Joy Filled Home Challenge." Follow me on Instagram HERE!

Funny toddler moment of the weekend:
Ellie, "Mommy, what you eating?"
Me, "almonds" (M&Ms really)
Ellie, "open up let me see."
Hmm, how did she know?! I guess I was being too secretive. Since we just ate lunch and since she has not yet had one piece of her Halloween candy (obviously I have) I gave her three M&Ms. I smiled as she ate them. She savored every one in her little mouth before she ate the next one. Later in the day (before dinner) I came into the living room and she was on our (new, no food allowed) couch with a mouthful. I knew from her devious smile that she was up to something. I was still shocked to find a mouthful of M&Ms. I had left the opened bag on the counter and her stool was underneath. I can't believe she was being so secretive. I guess she really liked them and I can't blame her. I still made her spit them out into the trash. She apologized and didn't put up a fight. I found it pretty humorous, but I didn't want her to know that. At least she didn't lie like I did and say, "almonds."

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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