Sunday, December 8, 2013

Weekend Recap

It's not only the most wonderful time of year, but also the busiest time of the year! Most nights when I'm usually home relaxing (and blogging) I've been out doing holiday shopping. That's why I was absent most of last week. Friday we were supposed to have a holiday photo shoot, but the weather called for rain so we cancelled it. I had planned to use those photos for our holiday card. Instead, I took them this weekend. It was much more convenient for me to take them myself, but I do plan on rescheduling the shoot sometime in the New Year. They came out really cute!

I finally got my hair colored last week. The ends were so light. I also needed a good trim. The last time I got a cut and color was April last year. So it was much needed. Nick told me two days before my appointment that he had a meeting and couldn't be home to watch the girls. I ended up bringing them with me and they were a little stir crazy since we had just come from the children's museum where we had spent most of the day. Summer had to sit on my lap while I got my color and Ellie took off her shoes and walked around the salon while accumulating other people's hair on her socks. Yuck. Luckily, my Mom came and got them when she was done work and I could read a magazine and relax the rest of my appointment.

I decorated the house last week and am in love with this boxwood wreath from Trader Joe's. I swapped out the red bow for this leopard one and hung it on our side door on the inside of our house. It's so pretty! I will post more photos this week once our tree is decorated.
Saturday we bought our tree. We always buy a Frasir Fir because the branches are sturdy enough for heavy ornaments. I love the smell of a real tree. We put it up last night and I had hoped to decorate it today, but with Summer's nap and my husband working it didn't happen. Definitely tomorrow!
I love how Ellie has her teddy bear in every picture. It's pretty cute. The other morning before I went in to get her from her crib I heard her saying, "You can do it Snowy! Great job! Great job Snowy! You can do it!" I recorded it on video, but you only hear her little voice. It is the cutest thing. When I went in she was having him dance on her lap.

I'm wearing my new American Eagle top and I love the color. I also love Summer's little vest. This used to be Ellie's (Old Navy). And, her leopard pants I bought recently from Macy's (First Impressions).

It snowed today- the first of the season. When I checked the weather this morning it was supposed to start around 3 so the girls and I stopped by my parents before doing errands. Ellie ended up staying there while Summer and I ran out and by the time I picked her back up it was snowing pretty hard and the streets were covered. Of course I was a nervous wreck while driving the two miles home. Especially with the girls in the car. Even though I drive an SUV it's not front wheel drive so my tires slipped a few times giving me high anxiety. I'm glad we made it home safe.

After Summer's nap I put the girls in their snowsuits and headed outside for Summer's first time in the snow. At first she was not a fan, but then I put her in the sled and she laughed as Ellie pulled her around the yard. Ellie stayed out by herself while I brought Summer inside, then she went out again when my husband got home from work. She had a blast! We probably got about five inches.
And, as Ellie said tonight, "it was a perfect day Daddy!"

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