Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas: Girls' Wishlists

Ellie was first asking Santa for just Strawberry Shortcake, then added a doll with clothes. We really don't have any dolls that you change their clothes and I found a new line at Target called Generation. The dolls are reasonably priced and have a variety of different outfits and accessories. We picked the Christmas edition doll dressed in a red dress with an outfit included. My mother in law is getting her a bunch of outfits, too. I think she will love her. 

I picked up Rapunzel and her horse before Black Friday at Toys R Us for half off. Ellie loves dressing up as Rapunzel and uses a piece of long fabric as her hair. I am also going to get her the matching Rapunzel dress since that is one she doesn't have.

I got her a Prince to go along with all of her Princesses. You can't forget about him and Ellie and I take turns acting as the Prince during her pretend play. Last night while shopping with Nick we picked up an Elsa doll similar to this one below since she has Anna already and always plays with her. JC Penney had them on sale for $10 (all princesses included). They have a great Disney section in their store.

Flynn Rider

And, this Minnie Mouse Bowtique. We don't have anything Minnie.
The most personal gift this year is a teddy bear to replace "Snowy." Snowy was her favorite teddy and went everywhere with her. He was washed so many times he was looking frail, but he became a member of our family. About a month ago I realized we hadn't seen him. I have no idea where he might be, but I searched our house and he is nowhere to be found. Honestly, I am sad about losing him. I was looking through old pictures last week and saw a picture of him and his tag, which was "Ganz." My husband and I called and searched the web looking for a replicate. He was given to Ellie as a Christmas gift two years ago from Hallmark. He had a black nose. We found a pretty similar one on eBay and bought him last week. We just received him and although a little larger in size, he looks almost identical. We both got a little emotional thinking about Ellie's reaction to him on Christmas morning and I'm sure I will cry, too. Here is a photo of Ellie with old Snowy and his replacement:

Ellie at 2.5 years old (November, 2013)
Summer was a little harder to shop for this Christmas since she already has so many of Ellie's toys to play with. She loves babies so Santa is bringing her a new one plus a package of baby diapers. She also loves to play with cars and trains and that's something we don't have many of so I bought her these two:

 Dump Truck:

She loves riding on this toy rocking horse at our library so I ordered it for her in pink. I think both girls will love it.

The other day in Home Goods Summer picked up this toy and walked around the store with it so I discreetly put it in my shopping cart. This one by Pottery Barn is very similar. Toys at Pottery Barn Kids today are 30% off!

 Push Toy
Every year the girls receive a couple new books. I love going to Barnes and Noble and picking them out instead of ordering them. I've heard great things about Pete the Cat so they will be getting this book for sure:

The girls are getting new art supplies in their stockings, princess wands, new hair bows, and a few other small things.
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I still have to pick up a few more things and wrap (something I love doing). I'm excited for Christmas morning!

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