Friday, December 5, 2014

Holiday Gifts: Stocking Stuffers for Her

Holiday Gifts

Tea / Naked Palette / Hair Clip / Flip Belt
Clarisonic / Bar Tools / Necklace / Gloves
Gift Card / Socks / Lip Gloss / Hair Band / Candle Snuffer

I would love to get all of these in my stocking. They all make me happy. The socks from J.Crew are my favorite- they are so soft and comfortable. Makeup is always welcome and jewelry, too. I love the pendant necklace above- classic. The Flip Belt is a new running accessory my friend told me about that stays put during any activity and you can carry your cell phone, keys, money, etc without feeling weighed down. She also told me about the tea and I love the packaging- so pretty. The candle snuffer is random, I know, but I've actually been wanting one. I love gift cards and there are so many to choose from. Starbucks is simple, but you could be creative and do Etsy, yoga or a fitness specialty class (Barre, for example), tickets to a show, photo session, a painting studio, and so on. 

Next week I will be adding guys stocking stuffers and gifts!

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