Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Fun Holiday Gift for Toddler Friends + Christmas Crafts

Ellie and Summer made "reindeer food" on Sunday using old-fashioned oats and a variety of Christmas sprinkles. They had fun all while making a big mess (thank goodness for the dust buster). Then, I printed out these reindeer tags, filled treat bags from Target and tied with string. Ellie made a bag for each of her friends and we are in the process of dropping them off. It's a fun gift idea for toddlers and such a cute idea. I had never heard of it until we received a bag from her friends last year. 

The poem reads:
"Sprinkle on your lawn at night
The moon will make it sparkle bright
As Santa's reindeer fly and roam
This will guide them to your home." 

Ellie created these Christmas tree ornaments a few weeks ago. I found the craft idea on Pinterest and we already had the supplies:

colored popsicle sticks
tiny pom pom balls
star stickers (or you can cut out stars and glue to the trees)
I broke one popsicle stick into three pieces to make the tree trunk. Then, we used a star sticker which fit perfectly at the top of the tree. I tied string at the top to make the ornament. On the back we wrote her name and date. It makes a great gift for grandparents or to attach to the top of a gift. 

Another craft I saw on Pinterest is the paper tree. It's so easy and perfect for little hands! We already had a variety pack of colored construction paper so I cut long strips and Ellie cut them into shorter pieces. She placed the strips on the sheet of paper using glue. I cut out a tree trunk and star for her to attach, as well.

We gave her teachers foot print snowmen and are currently working on Santa hand prints. You can see our print artwork from last Christmas here and a few other Holiday crafts here. And, Ellie made this one at school, which is adorable:

Merry Christmas Eve!

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