Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Inspiring Kitchens

Southern Living highlighted some of the most inspiring kitchen makeovers, and I chose my favorites to feature here. I like these kitchens because they are classic and can last a lifetime. Nothing crazy or out of the ordinary- classic kitchens that can last through generations. Remember, it is easy to update a kitchen with paint, new hardware, new appliances, but kitchen design is something you only want to do once. Check out some great styles below:

I love how this kitchen works with the space. It opens up to a eat-in kitchen area. I also love the different color cabinets. 
Love this shade of gray on the cabinets, instead of white, which we see so often. The same colored island brightens the space and works well with the hardwood floors. Love the pendant lamps, and of course, the blue appliances.
An open kitchen with an island, providing more storage. Again, I love the lighting:
I don't usually love this color wood in kitchens, but this works great, especially with the mixing of cabinet height. The island cabinets break up the color, and the light tiled floor brightens the space. A classic Tuscan kitchen!
Classic white kitchen. I love how the backsplash and countertops match the white palette. Unique cabinet design.
 I love the exposed brick in this kitchen!
In both kitchens below, I love the stone. It brings such a natural feeling to the space, but this one below brought in darker wood in the floor and chairs to match the beams on the ceiling:
There are so many elements to kitchen design. Don't forget about the floors, backsplash, countertops, lighting, cabinets, hardware. All of these are crucial in designing your kitchen!

HGTV has a great Kitchen feature on their website. It includes everything you need and want to know about designing your space- design tips, creative floor planning, and storage solutions. I definitely recommend it!

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