Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Luscious Lighting

We have recessed lighting throughout our house, which we were lucky to already have with the purchase of our home. But, I also love the look of a table lamp on a side or console table, and the floor lamp, as well. 

I received the Shades of Light catalog in the mail yesterday and am loving this new geometric-shaped lamp:
And, loving it in turquoise:
Price is $149 and comes in other fun, bright colors!

Also, loving this zebra print lampshade for $69 shown in gray & cream (also comes in other colors):

I also love the simplicity of the classic floor lamp. I like this one from Crate & Barrel, especially because it swings in the direction you want whether it's to read under a chair or provide more room lighting. 

Metro Swing Arm Floor Lamp, $139. Great price, too!

And, for a more expensive option, but very luxurious, try this crystal floor lamp from Restoration Hardware:
Stacked Crystal Block Floor Lamp, on sale for $423
 Another view:

My mother-in-law handed me over her safari lamp, which I've always loved. The lamp base had chipped so I colored it in with a black Sharpie. I also replaced the lampshade with a new one from Walmart for $10. Looks like new! See below:

The old lamp:
 The chipped paint:
The lamp base:
New lampshade:

 Love my new lamp, thanks to my mom-in-law!

If buying a new lamp isn't in your budget, try replacing the lampshade or spray painting the lamp base a new color. I have found Walmart to be the best place for a lampshade (lots of options and inexpensive). You can also buy a white lampshade & spray paint the shade. See here for a tutorial on painting the shade.

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