Monday, May 19, 2014

Fitness Updates: Week 1

Last week I mentioned I had a 7-week plan to workout more and eat cleaner. Here was my weekly workout schedule:

Sunday, 5/11: 5-mile run
Monday, 5/12: P90x Legs & Abs (5:30am)
Tuesday, 5/13: 1 mile jog (afternoon) (I was so sore I could hardly walk!)
Wednesday, 5/14: 5-mile run (night)
Thursday, 5/15: 2-mile run (afternoon), abs
Friday, 5/16: off, abs
Saturday, 5/17: off

When I put morning/night that's for my reference. I can look back and see how often I was up early, etc. Wednesday I ran after the girls were asleep and my run started out light and ended in the dark. I won't do that again. I couldn't see well and I felt unsafe at times and turned off my music so I could hear around me.

My weakness with snacking is eating the girls snacks (a handful here and there) and night snacking. I don't feel like I eat a lot during the day, but calories from snacking adds up. Plus, I never know how many servings I actually ate. I want to get better about this. For example, I won't be buying chocolate animal crackers and mini peanut butter crackers from Trader Joe's anymore! I think I eat them more than Ellie does.

I really want to keep up my mileage with running because I know how easy it is to get out of shape and how hard it is to get back up there. That's why I will be running 5+ miles on my run if I can. In order to challenge my body I will add jog/sprints on some runs. Usually I will sprint a block, then jog a block and so on. Running is my favorite workout to get my body in shape. I do feel it's harder to tone up after having kids so I'm hoping P90x will help! I also really enjoying running. It is a great stress reliever and it's my time to think.

Yesterday I ran another 5 miles and I plan to take a bootcamp or TRX class this week to switch it up in addition to P90x.

Here are a few eating changes and goal:
  • No sugar in my coffee at home (I started doing this last week)
  • Limit snacking at night (find a healthier alternative)
  • Plan healthy dinners for the week ahead of time

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