Thursday, May 8, 2014

Summer's First Birthday!

Summer turned ONE on Monday, the 5th. My husband took a personal day from teaching to spend the day with us. We wanted to do something special so we packed the girls bikes and a picnic lunch and headed down to the River. The Schukill River runs along Kelly Drive in Philadelphia and there is a running/biking path and pretty scenery. Ellie rode her tricycle (she can now pedal all by herself) and we pushed Summer in her bike, the ra-ra. Somehow Ellie came up with the name, "ra ra", for the bike when she was around Summer's age so it has stuck. Summer loves this bike. She always has the biggest smile on her face when she is in it. We love it because the handle makes it easy to push. We brought Summer's quilt that was made by my Aunt in Sweden- a perfect picnic blanket. The weather was perfect- sunny and in the 70s.

Summer is dressed in a birthday tutu outfit. Love the skirt! Of course, Ellie wanted to wear a tutu, too. Summer waved to everyone who passed by and pointed and smiled at the dogs. She will stand by herself and sometimes takes a few steps before falling down. Last Thursday, May 1st, she walked 6 steps! Then today she took another 5. When Ellie took her first steps she didn't walk again until two weeks later. I'm guessing Summer will be the same way. I'm not pushing it- she will do it when she is ready. For now, she gets around the house by pushing the shopping cart or turtle- some of her favorite toys.

We went to Whole Foods for dinner in the evening (turkey burger, butternut squash, and banana for Summer), then got frozen yogurt for Summer's first sweet on her first birthday. We did the same with Ellie on her first birthday. Ellie's first sweet was my favorite- black raspberry ice cream- and she was not impressed. Summer's first was chocolate frozen yogurt and she liked it a lot! I'm wondering if she will feel the same about her first bite of cake at her party (Ellie didn't like her cake either).

Summer also got her first tooth for her first birthday- on the bottom front. I wish the bottom two came in together because there were some rough, non-sleeping nights for a while. I'm sure that will happen again soon. Her only words are still "mama" and "dada." It will be interesting to see what she will call Ellie because the "l's" are so hard to pronunciate.  

I can't believe I now have a one year old and a three year old. I just cannot describe in words how amazing they are and how much I love them. Summer's party theme is "our little sunshine." She has always been such a happy baby and is always smiling. Her party is Saturday at a local park/playground. It will be a wonderful day celebrating her with family and friends.

Here are pictures from her birthday (lots of them)!

Singing Happy Birthday at breakfast to our girl with a candle in her waffle:
The girls got a kick out of the balloon "1" I made on the door. I put balloons in the crib when Summer woke up. She loves playing with them- it is hilarious.
As we were sitting and eating a butterfly landed on Summer's hat. It stayed for a few minutes and it was such a cool moment! Summer had no idea and continued to eat her mum-mum.
I forgot Summer does not like to sit in grass so this was the best we could get of the girls. I should have pulled the blanket over, but it's a funny memory. I love their matching tutus.
Ellie had such a fun time playing with Summer, throwing sticks in the river, running and twirling!
 Summer's first sweet!
Happy First Birthday, Sweet Summer!

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