Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekend Recap

We started off our Friday morning with a playdate with my good friend and her daughter. She and Ellie are best friends. They play so well together and are so cute together. Here they are playing dollhouse with Summer trying to squeeze in and play, too. Ellie as Cinderella and Brynlee as a mermaid.
Friday afternoon I went to the mall with Summer. I had a few returns to do and bought a couple things:

This hat that I'm obsessed with. Love the floral print. Perfect for days I go too long without washing or great for after a workout.
Also, this maxi dress. I didn't try it on in the store and am still undecided about the black and white. I may go back and try on another print. Select dresses are currently 40% off.
Saturday I took the girls to a Fair with my parents and we met their cousins there, too. It was cute and a fun afternoon. There were games age appropriate for Ellie and she even went on the fire truck ride, which I was surprised by because she doesn't like the siren. But, her cousins and my Mom were going on so that helped. She loved it! Summer and I hung out on the grass while we waited.
Saturday night we had a family night. We went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. I ate their Mexican salad, then we went to Coldstone for ice cream. We promised Ellie an ice cream date for filling up her "happy jar" (rewarding her for good behavior). She is also getting the Frozen soundtrack.
 Afterwards Ellie played hide n go seek:
Sunday morning I had a good 5.5 mile run, then took the girls home to nap. I did some cleaning and rearranging of furniture before a lacrosse game. I made my favorite Mexican Quinoa for dinner.
Hope everyone had a great weekend! We're headed to the playground to play and have a picnic this afternoon.

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