Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Christmas Spirit

I am already in the Christmas spirit and looking forward to Christmas music 24/7 and all the decorations. I'm thinking of starting to decorate our house this weekend instead of waiting until after Thanksgiving. I've been browsing all of the catalogs coming to our house from toys to Pottery Barn. I am loving these festive items and thinking about adding some of them to our collection:

Outdoor use (window) or Indoor Use (Mantel)

A little extra love in our home :)

I would like these for either our two front trees outside or on our mantel

As mentioned in my previous post, I've already bought a few things. I have the "Believe" sign up and love it. It was only $5 at Home Goods. Ellie was rewarded with hot chocolate in her new mug by taking a nap yesterday. It was a good reward- she was shrieking in delight.

Just looking at this post makes me more excited for all the festivities this Holiday season. Have you bought anything Holiday related yet? Anything I should add?

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