Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekend Recap

Saturday was my niece's 7th Birthday. She is the sweetest girl and is such a great older cousin and friend to my girls. They always play so nicely together. She was the first baby in our family and the first grandchild for my parents. She is also my goddaughter so I have a special place in my heart for her. Here are some of my favorite photos from when she was a baby (and I was blonde!). 

My flower girl at my wedding, July 2009
 At the beach, Summer 2009
 Her 2nd birthday

She had a cooking party (such a great party idea) on Saturday afternoon and I took Ellie while Summer stayed home and napped. She had a great time. What could be better than cooking and eating pizza, cookies, and cupcakes. Sugar rush!! 

 She was excited about her gift- a Sophia coloring book!

Ellie wore her new (second owners) of this Matilda Jane dress that we both love. She loves because it twirls, of course. 

That morning she and I went to the store to get a few things. It was all her idea to get pink flowers and she picked these out by herself. She gave them to her cousin- so sweet! She also picked out her jewelry today. The pink necklace and her "Ellie" bracelet. We also gave her a Hatley umbrella (purple with hearts). That's what she told me she wanted. I also got her a pretty sketchpad and glitter colored pencils since she loves to draw.

Saturday night my friend had a Friendsgiving Party. It was so much fun and so nice to go out with my husband. Everyone brought a dish and there weren't any duplicates making it a very delicious meal. We made and brought mashed sweet potatoes. I think these are one of my favorite Thanksgiving sides and are so easy to make. We had to get a babysitter- our first time leaving the girls with someone other than family. We put the girls to bed early and I didn't even tell them we were going out because I was afraid that Ellie subconsciously would wake up. They both slept the whole time and didn't even know we ever went out that night. 

I am wearing a new blouse from Old Navy that I bought for $9 at the store. It fits really well and is really comfortable. I also bought it in blue. 

The next morning we took the girls to Smith Playground, which is only open on weekends now till December when it closes for the winter. The wooden slide is a hit in which you slide down on potato sacks. We had a blast. They have a ton of stuff to do for kids there. I grew up going there with my family, but this was Nick's first time. As we were walking in I asked Ellie if she was excited to be here with all of us (Daddy included) and this was her excited face. She squealed and jumped up and down. She loves family days. Side note- last night Nick and I had finished reading to her in bed and we layed down with her. She said, "you guys are the best" and gave us a group hug. She is the sweetest!

We got home and Summer napped and I dropped Ellie off at my parents. They were taking her and her two cousins to the movies. This was a special day because it was Ellie's first time at the movie theatre. She was so excited! I did a few errands while Summer napped and bought this banner at Target for only $3. I don't do much decorating for Thanksgiving- this is about it.

Summer and I also painted and she painted her first abstract art. It was nice to be able to paint with just her! If you notice she is painting with her left hand. We can't tell if she will be left handed because she will throw with her right hand, but eat and paint/draw primarily with her left.

It was a fun fall weekend! This morning we are headed to the zoo this morning. Have a great day!

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