Thursday, November 6, 2014

Plated Review

I have made two of the three Plated meals this week. The first was the pork chops and the second was the beef. The meals were delivered on Tuesday in a big insulated box with ice packs to keep everything fresh. Everything was labeled making it easy to navigate through the meals. 

Pork Chops with Cider Gravy:
I omitted the roasted apples and fennel, which skipped a step making it a very easy dish to prepare. I added sliced apples onto my husband's dish. I loved the flavors of this dish.

Last night I made the second dish after the girls went to sleep. I hadn't eaten yet even though it was close to 9pm. I was motivated to cook since I already had the recipe and all of the ingredients and I was hungry for a good meal. This one took a little longer to prepare and cook. It said it would take 25-30 minutes, but it took me about 45. I used ginger and scallions both of which I never cook with, but now plan to because they add such great flavor. I didn't love this dish only because it was a little too salty. I followed the recipe, but next time I will not add any additional salt. Plus, I'm sure the soy sauce was not low sodium! I also substituted the vegetable oil in this dish for olive oil.

I don't think I will continue with the Plated subscription for now. I think it's a great idea for people who don't have time to grocery shop or interest in planning meals for the week. I feel that it's given me the motivation I need to start planning and cooking good meals again. Plus, it's getting cold here so I know I will be using my crock pot often. I also have used ingredients I don't use, but plan to in the future. I also think a gift card would a perfect gift!

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