Thursday, November 6, 2014

Second Annual Pumpkin Painting Party

The girls and I hosted a few friends for a pumpkin painting play date a week before Halloween. It was a fun afternoon! It was similar to last year's party, which you can read about here. I bought mini pumpkins from Produce Junction and used Crayola washable paint and paintbrushes. I saw an idea on Pinterest to use muffin pans to hold the paint, which worked out great (no spilling of paint although it was still everywhere). I put together a festive snack table. Ellie helped make the marshmallow pops again this year. It's such an easy baking activity for toddlers.

 I let her eat one before the party started:
 Summer's first time painting a pumpkin. I love her little curls!

The snack table included clementine pumpkins, a vegetable "candy corn" tray, cheese, crackers, and dips, pirates booty cups for kids, Honest juice, cookies, and the marshmallow pops. The skeleton tablecloth (Summer found it hilarious), snack cups, plates and napkins all are from Target. I also love the pink skull cups that held the paintbrushes. I found those at CVS last year.

I love having this party because it's something fun to look forward to in the fall. It helps me love Halloween more. It's a holiday that I was never into until I had the girls and it's definitely much more fun now that Ellie is getting older. It was much more fun decorating the house this year, too. I'm slowly adding more decorations to my collection each year.

Ellie and I made these ghosts with tissues and string- easiest activity ever!

 I love the way Ellie made this pumpkin at school:
 Both of the banners below were Target finds:

Halloween, 2014

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