Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Luscious List

I told Ellie I would take her ice skating for the first time this winter. I really want to go here:

I'm thinking about trying this beauty balm. I love items that are multi-purpose. They also sell a smaller size for $39.

I love finding cute items at kids consignment shops. I recently bought these yellow polka dot corduroys (Gap) for Summer for $5 and these glitter Toms for Ellie for $6. Perfect play shoes for school.

I love this new lipstick. I usually wear Clinique, but decided to try this Revlon color I recently read about. It's the perfect nude color and at $9 I love it.

Nordstrom is having a sale right now. Ellie is wearing one of her Tea Collection dresses for picture day at school today. I love this brand for toddlers, but will only buy on sale. I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out. I'm hoping for a genuine smile, but it will be cute no matter what. I love this layered dress below for fall.

Banana Republic is having a 50% sale on up to 5 items this weekend starting today. There is so much I love right now. I just bought this plaid shirt last weekend, but I haven't taken the tags off yet so I'm hoping they have another one I can buy today. This is a great time to start holiday shopping!

Have a great day!

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