Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Loving our Wall Gallery

I created this wall gallery last fall, but I wanted to share because I love looking at it! Really, every time I see it I smile. We had this blank wall in our great room since we moved in four years ago because I could not decide what to do there. I'm glad I waited until I found something I loved.

I bought a variety of black frames from Home Goods and Michael's. I bought the "Livin' the Dream' wood block at a local boutique, This Little Gallery. I am a visual person so I needed to see the layout before deciding on the placement. I decided on a scattered collage instead of a structured one after being inspired by so many samples on Pinterest. I used my own step by step process, as outlined below.

1) Trace each frame on a piece of wrapping paper or newspaper and cut to size
2) Label each paper with the frame/picture
3) Tape each piece of paper to the wall where you are creating the gallery
4) Move the paper around until you are 100% happy with the collage
5) Use a pencil to measure and mark the spot of the hook
6) Use a hammer or drill to hang picture hooks directly into the paper
7) Remove paper and add frames!

My blank canvas:
I used inexpensive wrapping paper and Scotch tape. I put the largest frame in the center and designed the frames around that one. I kept the paper on the walls for a week to make sure I loved it before hanging the hooks. These are my favorite hooks to use for hanging pictures. Sorry for the iPhone photo below. It's the only one I took of the paper layout!

I love the possibilities of wall galleries. I included a black and white canvas from our wedding. It is one of my favorites because you can see the back of my dress and we are dancing to our wedding song. I included a print with an inspiring quote, one of Summer's newborn photos, the girls, and family pictures. The one in the middle is Nick and I with Ellie at her first birthday party. I love the cherry blossom tree in the background. You can be creative and add quotes, prints, postcards, and canvases in addition to personal photos. I am currently planning another wall gallery in our upstairs hallway and along our stairwell!

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