Sunday, February 23, 2014

Weekend Recap: Birthday Celebrations!

Yesterday was my husband's birthday. Usually it doesn't land on a Saturday so we took full advantage of spending the day together. We went to one of our favorite brunch spots- Cake in Chestnut Hill. If you have never been (and you live locally) you must try! It is a converted greenhouse with delicious, fresh foods and a small bakery. We shared a warm chocolate croissant to start, then I had Brioche toast with sauteed spinach and an over easy egg on top with a side of the best hash browns ever.
Then, we walked down the Avenue to the playground. It was still full of snow, but it was nice to get some exercise and go on the swings.
After we all napped in the afternoon we went to Velvet Sky Bakery for a birthday cupcake. Ellie picked the one out with sprinkles.
A few pictures from our day. How cute are these two with their sunglasses?! Ellie actually has a genuine smile for the camera. She has been wanting to take pictures lately and it's the cutest thing. She also picked out her own outfit today.
My world!
Summer's gift to Nick was saying "dada" for the first time. She said "mama" a week ago and I've been working on dada. A special day!

My parents babysat while Nick and I went to dinner last night. We had a casual dinner at Anthony's Oven Fired Pizza. Seriously the best wings and pizza. We sat at the bar and I had my first cocktail since before pregnancy. An apple martini with a sugared rim. So delicious! We expected Ellie to still be awake when we got home, and she was. My Mom was reading her the tenth book. Ellie told my mom she "didn't want to sleep" and my Mom said she looked like she might cry so she gave her a framed picture from her bookshelf of the three of us (Ellie was about five months). When I got into bed with her the picture was next to her and I thought it was just the sweetest thing. Ellie still doesn't like sleeping in her big girl bed by herself (more on that in another post) so I told her a Cinderella story and she fell asleep on me.

Today is also my Dad's birthday. We went to my parents for dinner. My Mom cooked a filet roast and enjoyed cake and ice cream for dessert. I love my Dad. He seriously is the best father, father-in-law, and the best grandfather. My girls are so lucky. Happy Birthday, Dad!

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