Saturday, February 1, 2014

Toddler Transitions + Baby Milestones

Last week was a rough week in terms of sleep. Two weeks ago Ellie climbed out of her crib. In the middle of the night we heard a "thump," then Ellie appeared in our bedroom. She slept with us the rest of the night. The next night it happened again. The night after I gave her a consequence in advance, but she did it anyway. We decided to do away with the crib (safety is number one) and go all out with the big girl bed. We had been reading books in her bed and falling asleep there, then transferring her to the crib. She loved her bed and her new bedding from Santa. As soon as we made the switch she didn't want to sleep there. I realized she didn't feel secure like she did in her crib. I read it can take a few weeks for kids to readjust to their normal sleep schedule. So, we are currently in the adjustment period. The past couple nights my husband would fall asleep with her, then leave and she would wake in the middle of the night either crying or coming into our bedroom. My husband ends up sleeping the rest of the night with her and hopefully this will change, too. He doesn't mind since her bed is so comfy! The biggest change has been her wake time. She used to sleep till at least 8:00 in her crib. Since she has been in her bed she has been getting up at 6am! So, I have been up with Summer during the night and she also is getting up often to nurse (growth spurt and teething) and I've been getting up at 6. And, I don't get any rest during the day since Ellie still does not nap. Needless to say, I'm a little sleep deprived.

I am hoping Ellie will soon sleep better in her bed and go back to her normal wake up time. I am looking into one of these clocks, which I have heard good things about. I may also need to start a reward program in the morning. If anyone has any suggestions or advice please share!

This past week was a big week for Summer with "firsts." She clapped for the first time last Monday while playing with Ellie. Then, on Wednesday she fed herself little puffs for the first time. And, Thursday she waved for the first time to a stranger who was admiring her at the mall. All before she turns 9 months this week! She has been such a happy baby lately and laughing so much more. She plays so well by herself and with Ellie. It's nice in the mornings when we come downstairs and the girls will play together on the rug in the great room while I get breakfast together and make my coffee. Then, I've been giving Summer a mum-mum or small pieces of banana or puffs to eat in her high chair while Ellie and I eat breakfast.
Ellie also wrote her name for the first time this week by herself. The first letter she ever wrote was an "E" a couple months ago. She is obsessed with her mermaid coloring book and here is the one she did with her signed name:

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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