Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentine's Day Recap + Easy Brussels Sprouts Salad Recipe

Thursday I mentioned I was taking advantage of my husband being off work to get some crafts and cooking done. I made the heart wreath, which didn't take long at all. I used one-sided scrapbook paper, but two sides would've looked a little better (as shown in the tutorial). But, it was cute and festive.
I replicated this footprint art (read post here) with the girls for Grandparent gifts:
I was hoping my husband would have off on Friday, but he just had a 2-hour delay (benefits of being a teacher). I made everyone pancakes, including a heart one for Ellie. Summer even ate some for the first time and loved it.
We didn't do much during the day for Valentine's Day because Summer had her 9 month well appointment and Ellie spent the afternoon with my Mom. My husband brought home a dozen pink roses for both Ellie and I. He also got me a gift card for a pedicure- what I had asked for. We fed the girls dinner and I put them to bed while my husband cooked me dinner. He cooked his annual Valentine's dinner- filet and lobster tail. My favorite. Complete with three mini amazing desserts from Whole Foods. Here are some photos of our day. By the way, it was so hard to get a good picture of both girls looking at the camera. Ellie's smile is hit or miss and Summer is always on the move.

(Both girls are wearing Gap outfits)
Ellie: top / skirt / tights
Summer: one-piece
We gave the girls their presents at dinner. A Fancy Nancy Mermaid book, mermaid stickers, and M&Ms for Ellie and a book for Summer. Oh, and my husband bought me a card- and Ellie from himself. Who does that?! We both laughed about it. I had already gotten two cards for the girls (from both of us, of course), but had to give Ellie my own card. That's why she has two!
I also made a Brussel Sprouts salad. I was inspired by this one. Ellie and my husband both loved this, too.

 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1 bag of shredded Brussels Sprouts (Trader Joe's)
4 hard boiled eggs, peeled and chopped
1/4 cup parmesan cheese
salt & pepper, to taste

1. Heat oil in pan
2. Add Brussels Sprouts and saute about 3-4 minutes
3. Remove from heat
4. Add hard boiled eggs and top with Parmesan cheese and salt and pepper

Saturday morning I took a boot camp class with a friend. It was an awesome workout. I was sweaty, out of breath, and sore. It was a full body workout using body weight resistance. I will definitely be going back. I also won a $100 gift card to my favorite local kids store, Hatch! I am so excited to shop!!

We really didn't do much the rest of the weekend. My husband worked all day today. I got to sleep in an extra two hours, then talked to my sister via Face Time. She is living in England, but it was just like she was at my dining room table having a conversation with over coffee. Thank goodness for Face Time. It makes living in different countries not as bad. I still miss her a ton though!

Tomorrow my husband has off. Ellie and I are headed to Ikea for a few things in the morning. Here is my to-do list for tomorrow:
  • Book ledge shelves at Ikea
  • Pick up corner shelves (Craigslist find)
  • Finish Summer's wall gallery
  • Finish upstairs hallway gallery
  • Take apart Ellie's crib and take out of her room
  • Laundry, clean

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