Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Day Agenda!

Ellie and I were up at 7 this morning and I let my husband sleep in. We watched an episode of Dora and read books until Summer got up, then they played while I made coffee and got all of our breakfasts ready (waffle, yogurt and strawberries for Ellie, oatmeal for me, and yogurt for Summer). It's 9:30 now and my husband is doing puzzles with Ellie and I just put Summer down for her morning nap. Hooray for time to write a blog post!

We are getting about 10-12" today and I know it is snowing all over the East Coast. I don't mind another snow day. It means my hubby is home to help out and I can cook and work on some projects I've been wanting to do. I went to AC Moore last night and picked up a few things: more paint for crafts, mini glue dots to make a paper heart wreath, and fabric scraps.
How cute is this wreath?! You can find the tutorial here.
The past couple days I stocked our fridge with ingredients to make healthy meals. I bought more zucchini and basil to make a zoodle pesto dish. I bought cauliflower to try cauliflower rice. I usually roast it and eat as a snack, but want to try this dish. I have shredded Brussels Sprouts (from Trader Joe's) to make this salad for lunch today:
Of course, we will also make a sweet treat. I love this cake idea for Valentine's Day:
I'm going to finally start on a wall gallery for Summer's room. I have her "S is for Summer" print, as well as this tall pile:
Besides cooking and checking projects off my to-do list, I also want to start reading this book. My Mom gave it to me months ago.

Update: Nick is now outside shovelling and Ellie is watching The Little Mermaid so I'm going to join her before we go downstairs to her craft room. Stay warm and safe if you are out in the snowy weather today!

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