Thursday, February 27, 2014

Recent Buys + Wishlist for Girls

I ordered these two Roxy items from Amazon a few weeks ago on major sale for Summer:
Dress / Top
I just ordered Summer another pair of these gold moccasins in a bigger size. I love the gold. They are so pretty and match everything. She is wearing a Gap Chambray top I bought months ago in 6-12 and this is the first time she is wearing it. It's still big so she will get a lot more use out of it. The skirt and tights are attached and it was Ellie's, also Gap. Such a cute outfit!

I love this adorable hot pink star dress from Gap for Ellie:
And, these pink daisy Toms (and I'd probably get Summer a matching pair):
Also, love these Botas Toms for Ellie!
Loving the ruffle on these J.Crew shorts:
 I love this heart locket. It would make such a special gift for a little girl!
Ellie loves wearing dresses and skirts, especially the same days Summer wears them. She has a lot of skirts that still fit her from last summer in a 2T since her waist is so tiny. She only has a few dresses though. If I buy her a couple spring dresses she can wear a cardigan over top until it gets warmer. Her white jean jacket also still fits her from last summer and will look so cute over the pink dress above. It goes with so much and is adorable. I definitely recommend it for the spring! I really want this one for Summer, but it's sold out online in her size. I'm hoping I can get it in the store.

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