Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Curb Appeal: Door Mats

I am a big fan of door mats that greet you before you get into your house. I think door mats are inviting no matter what they look like- classic black, monogrammed, floral, stripes, etc. The first mat I bought was at Ross for $3.99 looking like this:

I liked the classic black on our front step (a style I had grown accustomed to- credits to my mom!). Plus, I purchased mine for 5x less than my mom did at a local flower shop! :) Then, I discovered a floral one at Pier 1 I liked. So, I moved the black one to our side door, which we use often to grill, take out the trash & recycling, etc. I figured that one would hold up well there and it has exceeded my expectations. I bought this mat when we bought our house in March '09 so it is extremely durable. 

The Pier 1 mat I replaced at the front door. I liked the pop of red at the door! On sale now at Pier 1 for $14. The "Estrella" mat:



So, the "Estrella" doormat was moved to the back patio below our sliding doors. Are you following me still? :) It may soon have to be replaced since it's fading, but I may pick up the same at Pier 1 on sale. 

Last Christmas I bought a festive "welcome" mat with poinsettias on it for our front door at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $8. I was still using it all spring and summer while looking for a new mat. The poinsettias looked like flowers, and at this point you really could not tell they are holiday flowers.

And, yes, I was being picky shopping for a new doormat. I had grown accustomed to the "welcome" on the mat and wanted to find a pretty one. I looked at a ton of stores, including Pier 1, and wasn't having much luck till I was at Lowe's yesterday and came across this one that I bought for $11:

This has gladly replaced the poinsettia doormat, which was placed in the trash this morning. I hope BBB brings it back in stock for the holidays- it was definitely a favorite!

If you are shopping for a new doormat, or haven't purchased this item at all yet and you are now inspired to go out and buy one, here are a few of my favorites (with & without the "welcome"):

Crate & Barrel "Benton" $30:
 Pottery Barn "Rooster" $29:
Love the red border & turquoise rooster! 
Although, I'm not a huge fan of rooster kitchens, I like this rooster doormat!
 Pottery Barn "Monogram" $59:
Williams Sonoma "Fleur-de-lys" $50:
Similar to my $3.99 one!

Pier 1 "Floral" $17:
Lowe's "Paysage" $15:
Perfect for fall!
 Walmart "Eldorado" $13:

 Here are a few other places to try for doormats:
Bed, Bath, and Beyond (don't forget the coupon!)
Discount Home Stores, such as:
TJ Maxx

Happy Shopping!

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