Thursday, July 1, 2010

Safari Love

While shopping in Ross earlier this week I came across this Elephant and had to have it. It instantly reminded me of the 2 elephants that were used by the pool at the Hampton cottage, which I recently did a post on and you can check out here. Unfortunately, this Ross store only had 1 elephant, and I sent a picture of it to my husband who responded with, "get it." After his "approval," I brought it home and set it on our fireplace ledge just where I was thinking I wanted it. I would much rather have two so I am now on the search for another. It will for sure make a statement on our fireplace, and it also satisfies my safari love. And at $25 it is definitely worth getting another.

On our fireplace ledge:
I also have that fabulous safari lamp that my mother-in-law gave me, featured in a lighting post.

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