Sunday, July 25, 2010

Increasing Curb Appeal: Mailboxes

Since we've moved into our new house (back in March '09) we've been using a brown basket as our mailbox. We've gotten compliments on the look of the basket by our front door, and I do like it; however, not so much when it has rained and the mail is soaking wet. I also think a mailbox increases the curb appeal. I have no idea what the prior owners used because we did not have a mailbox nor an address plate. We bought an address plate from Home Depot, which we love. We have yet to find a mailbox at Home Depot or Lowe's that we like. Plus, we need a sturdy enough one that can be drilled into our stone front.

Our "mailbox." I use a bag clip to hold outgoing mail- very convenient (except when it's raining):
 Address plate:
So besides looking at Home Depot and Lowe's I've also searched eBay hoping we could find a nice, sturdy, less expensive mailbox because if you don't know, they can be expensive (I'm talking about over a $100). I've also thought about building one as my father-in-law had, and even asked my husband if he could try, but he's not one to build things...Plus, the more I browse online the more I'm liking the fancy ones- the ones that really up the curb appeal and the ones that would match our address plate.

After Googling residential mailboxes I have found a few that I am loving despite the $100+ price tag. It's a forever purchase- it's not something we will need to replace. I'm thinking it's a good investment. Plus, I can finally cross it off my "House To Do List!"

 Since we already have the address plate the front would be blank. I like the option though!

eBay is a great place to look for household items, including mailboxes. I found the Whitehall Mailbox above on eBay for the same price plus free shipping. 

This mailbox is $110 on MailboxixChange and on eBay you can Buy It Now for $71.50 plus $19 for shipping, totaling $90.50 (saving yourself $20).
It's not as fancy as the one above, but it's sturdy (what I'm looking for) and it has a non-locking option, too. 

I also like this one. It has the convenient magazine holder I like and it comes in a variety of colors. Even better, it's only $57 plus free shipping! Definitely a contender. 

Horizon Wall Mount Mailbox:
Although, this one is a heavier (12 lbs vs. just 5 lbs above). A little more expensive at $97, also with free shipping, and in a variety of colors.
I think these are all final contenders. I will give you a future update on the one that wins!

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