Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Bowl Full of Love!

I love little bowls, as mentioned in previous posts, not just to hold cereal, but lots of other things. I love them to hold jewelry, change, hair accessories, matches, and so on. I use them in a variety of places, such as on our console table, in our kitchen, on our nightstands, and on my vanity.

I use these white ones from Pier 1 to hold earrings I wear often and small bobby pins, etc. These little seashell bowls are only $1 each so you don't feel guilty stocking up on a few.
I also love these colored ones from Pier 1, and they range from $2-$3.50:

I was at Anthropologie last weekend and fell in love with these colorful bowls in a variety of fabulous patterns. I love the continuing pattern on the inside of the bowl:
These remind me of the Pier 1 bowls shown above, but Anthro sells them in more colors:
A mug can be used for the same purposes, especially with the deep inside:
(think chunky necklaces on your dresser)
LOVE these floral bowls! So pretty and are so versatile. Use to hold jewelry or office accessories. If you're having a dinner party, wash it and use as a serving dish.
Check online here for the Anthropologie bowls in addition to many other beautiful dining pieces!

 I hope this gives you inspiration to look for pretty little bowls to put around your home for a variety of uses. Plus, you don't have to break the bank for bowls, and you can always look at consignment shops, as well. I like unique bowls and mixing and matching.


  1. thanks for posting this! i went to pier one today and bought a couple of the bowls that are brown on outside/color inside. they're so pretty and perfect to put on my dresser to throw my jewelry in. great post!

  2. I'm so happy you enjoyed the post and that you went and bought some of the Pier 1 bowls!! I can't wait to see! :)