Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pier 1 Pillow Obsession

I am obsessed with these plush velvet pillows from Pier 1 and they are now 20% off of their $20 price tag. They are the softest, most luscious pillows at a fantastic price! I bought 2 turquoise ones for our TV room for our chocolate brown couch. I was inspired by the Color Splash Miami episode that I had mentioned here. Both my husband and I loved them after laying on them and we went to buy 2 more for our front TV room. I bought dark purple to match our blue/purple color theme. They add a pop of color to our beige couch. I also like the turquoise pillows in this room, but didn't want to buy 4 of the same color. Plus, we can swap the pillows for a quick change to each room. And, since they are solid colors we can add another pillow or two in any pattern or print.

The pillows also come in brown, red, bright blue, lime green and orange. 2 pillows cost $33 and they are definitely worth it! Here are our new luscious pillows in each room:

Our great room (where I usually watch TV). I love the turquoise with the chocolate brown couch and white curtains!
 Our Front Room (where my husband usually watches TV). Love our color combo of blues and purples, and our zebra rug. For more about this room, check out this post, and an updated post here.
 Yes, we still have to replace these outdated blinds with curtains!

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