Monday, July 26, 2010

New Obsession: Candle Wall Sconces

I love the look of wall candle holder sconces. The more dramatic, the better. While browsing in my favorite antique store this past week on vacation (although, I was a bit disappointed on the lack of home items this visit) I came across these sconces and love the big impact they make, as well as the mirrored look:
At Ross I came across these very inexpensive ones ($7 each) and you can always spray paint to give them the color you want.

Here are 2 options from JC Penney. The 1st are similar to the ones found at Ross. They are small and I would hang both together, as pictured below.
 I like the squared shape of these:
I really love these mirrored ones from West Elm ($39 each). These are definitely dramatic enough that they can be placed alone. One could be place on either side of a buffet or hutch or hang underneath each other instead of side by side. 

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