Thursday, July 8, 2010

Jewelry Storage

I love displaying my jewelry, especially because I find most of it beautiful and colorful. I love my bracelets and necklaces and have found some great storage pieces that allow me to put them on display. I have a bracelet stand I found at Urban Outfitters on sale, which I also use to hang some of my long necklaces.

I found some great inexpensive stands at Marshalls for $12 to hold my earrings. 
The earring stands are perfect because not only can you see what you have, 
but it keeps them organized and in pairs
so you're not spending time looking for the match.
I also have a few jewelry boxes (all from Target) to hold more expensive jewelry and pieces I don't wear anymore, but want to keep for sentimental reasons. 
As mentioned in my previous post, I hold my everyday hoops and earrings in these small bowls from Pier 1.  I also bought a glass tray at Urban Outfitters and a floral plate at a local boutique to display jewelry and hold accessories on my vanity.
I use this apothecary jar to hold chunky necklaces. It serves a functional purpose, but I also love the look of these jars and have them left over from our wedding (candy station) and wanted to put them to use!

For more jewelry storage ideas think: hooks (pretty ones to standard hardware hooks), ice cube trays (they are now selling silicone ones in lots of colors), egg cartons, tiered stands, cake stands, dessert stands.

Below are some more inspirational photos for your jewelry storage:
Happy jewelry organization!

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